We’re extremely sorry to say that we won’t be opening Ferarum in the immediate future.

We love everything about this plot, these characters, and the ideas we’ve come up with together, but we don’t see how what we’ve envisioned will be possible with the response we’ve gotten thus far. It isn’t possible to start a roleplay group if no one is interested, and both of us recognize that, as well how it isn’t anyone’s fault that we got such a small response. It’s just the way things worked out.

But we don’t really want to be scrabbling for every single application we can and just sit around waiting to roleplay instead of actually roleplaying. We’re just trying to be realistic, and realistically, we don’t think Ferarum is going to work out.

Who knows, we might try a relaunch one day, but for now, we won’t be pursuing it further. Thank you so much to everyone who showed interest in these characters, and we hope you all have success in your future roleplaying endeavors!

Lots of love, Malin & Tara

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